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Terms and registration procedure

The conditions and procedures for registration of stock exchange promoter is defined by the instruction COSOB N° 01-2013 09 June 2013. (PDF Document).

Stock exchange promoter registration form.

Stock exchange promoter Registration File:

- A copy of the statutes;
- An excerpt from the commercial register;
- An identification of the directors, officers or first officers of the company and key employees;
- An organizational chart with the different functional and operational structures;
- A list of financial engineering operations or counseling in which the stock exchange promoter took part;
- A general description of the company's activities and a presentation, where applicable, of the group to which the stock exchange promoter adheres as well as the structure of shareholding of the company;
- A description of human and technical means used to fulfill the function of Stock exchange promoter;
- The CV of key officials and employees stating their experience.